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Why join UNITY?

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By becoming a member of UNITY you and the members of your organization will benefit from:

* Meetings with your peers to identify industry wide business best practices

UNITY was a key influence in negotiating rates with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Now the members are addressing business practice guidelines for dance resource providers.

* Educational and informative position papers

UNITY has written many white papers on important issues to the field of dance. These are collaborations by leaders from various sectors of the dance community. (ie. Early Childhood Development)

* Creation of marketing brochures

UNITY has created the brochure Why Dance? and How to Choose a Dance Studio as marketing tools to assist businesses in growing enrollment. Both are available, free, as a downloadable file on the UNITY website.

UNITY is working on a similar brochure Why Dance As An Adult? with the goal to have it finished on the UNITY website quite soon.

All UNITY brochures are freely customizable by and for dance marketers and are available on our website.

* Scholarships for dance teachers and studio owners

UNITY’s newest program— The UNITY scholarship is available to enhance business skills. This scholarship is available for members of member organizations only. And UNITY aims to grow the program through the participation of a variety of donors.

* Relationships with industry leaders

UNITY members are your peers as well as influential members of the dance business community. Through networking you will be able to share information to help your organization.

Participation in brainstorming sessions and shared intellectual resources Current projects include: Business guidelines for dance resource companies and defining choreography copyright laws. Your voice can make a difference!

* The collective voices for dance advocacy

UNITY was instrumental in addressing Age Appropriate: Costumes, Music and Choreography Symposium at a UDMA trade show


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